MMA’s Manufacturing Agenda 2020-21 | Page 7

MMA ’ s Manufacturing Agenda 7
Policy principles to support a competitive manufacturing sector . Michigan must :
■ Protect the strength of the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund ( UITF ).
■ Guard against unemployment insurance ( UI ) tax increases on employers .
■ Defend fundamental employer rights in the workplace .
■ Fairly enforce credible workplace safety regulations with a focus on education and compliance rather than just penalties .
■ Oppose expansion of UI benefits and wage levels compared to pre-COVID-19 .
■ Eliminate fraud in the unemployment system because false claims are expensive for employers .
■ Resist intrusion in the employer-employee relationship .
■ Protect COVID-19 liability protections in law .
■ Protect employers ’ ability to create and retain jobs .
■ Guard against efforts to reverse the downward trend in workers ’ compensation costs .
■ Protect employers ’ right to drug test employees to maintain a safe workplace for all workers .
■ Protect job providers from unnecessary harassment and frivolous lawsuits .
■ Ensure continued economic vitality by affirming the right of individuals to work without being compelled to belong to a union .
■ Work closely with MIOSHA to address COVID-19 response efforts and block regulatory expansion into workplace safety by other agencies .
Specific Actions for Leaders :
■ Oppose government mandates in the terms and conditions of employment and the way employers hire new talent .
■ Restore pathways for unemployed to return to work by returning eligibility levels and benefits to pre-COVID-19 standards when pandemic is over .
■ Work to aggressively root out unemployment fraud and overpayments and support both employers and workers who are victims of identity theft .
■ Create a safe workplace by supporting and defending employers who face new risks and liabilities resulting from an influx of mind-altering substances and addictions in the workforce .
■ Protect Michigan ’ s Right to Work law .
■ Defend important cost-saving reforms within Michigan ’ s workers ’ compensation code . mimfg . org
■ Prevent attacks on employer property rights regarding gun possession .
■ Guard against unnecessarily burdensome workplace safety rules .
■ Fight back efforts to empower public and private trial lawyers to file unwarranted and punitive lawsuits against employers .
■ Ensure existing COVID-19 liability protections sufficiently cover Michigan employers .
■ Support legislative and administrative actions to eliminate fraudulent claims by strengthening penalties for offenders .
■ Protect solvency of the UITF without overburdening employers with unemployment tax burdens .
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