MMA’s Manufacturing Agenda 2020-21 | Page 22

MMA ’ s Manufacturing Agenda

Pro-Manufacturing Action Groups

To learn more , contact MMA ’ s Mike Johnston at 517-487-8554 or johnston @ mimfg . org .
MMA Lawyers Committee
For almost 30 years , MMA has been involved in protecting manufacturers ’ interests in the state and federal courts . Often , gains earned in the legislative or regulatory process can be lost in the courts . Realizing this , the MMA Board of Directors organized the MMA Lawyers Committee in the mid-eighties to assure a proactive process to advocate for the interests of manufacturers before the state and federal courts .
This commitment to legal excellence continues today as the MMA Lawyers Committee works for the legal interests of our members . The Lawyers Committee is made up of the in-house counsel of MMA member companies . These attorneys meet to decide MMA ’ s involvement in amicus curiae activities on behalf of the member companies of the Association .
The MMA Lawyers Committee is concerned with any case that would set a precedent that may have far reaching effects well beyond the limits of the specific case decision . The cases considered for an amicus curiae filing may not always be manufacturing cases but they are cases that may have a large effect on manufacturers .
Tool & Die and Mold Industries
Michigan ’ s long history of industrial strength is rooted in its nation-leading concentration of talent in the tool & die and mold industries . To further strengthen collaboration between the industries and connect them with Michigan ’ s equally strong automotive sector , MMA has developed a series of Tool and Die Industry roundtables designed to open dialogue and share ideas about building the future .
PRIME : Your Community ’ s Employer-Driven Talent Solution
Today , many manufacturers are facing a shortage of skilled workers which threatens their company ’ s future viability or limits their ability to expand and introduce modern technologies . Compounding this challenge , many high school students are unaware of the rewarding career opportunities available in manufacturing or the training and knowledge required for them to succeed .
To address this skills gap , MMA partnered with the SME Education Foundation to offer local manufacturers access to an acclaimed national high school manufacturing education program called PRIME ® — Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education . PRIME ® fosters the partnerships between employers and educators at a local level while developing curricula unique to the needs of local manufacturers .
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