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Heritage-Crystal Clean


Heritage-Crystal Clean
Heritage-Crystal Clean remains committed to assist any company in need of trained professionals in decontamination and disinfectant services for industrial , commercial , and public facilities . The increased spread of COVID-19 has led to a need for businesses to provide a safe work environment for their employees and we are committed to doing just that .
Crystal Clean ’ s Field Services has a great track record of emergency clean up response . Decontamination teams can be at your business with a quick turnaround time . Learn more at mimfg . org or call 877-938-7948 to schedule service today .
CDC & EPA Approved Disinfectants Cleaning products are chosen from the EPA ’ s List N , meeting the criteria to use against the Coronavirus .
Full PPE-Equipped Personnel An emphasis on correct and consistent use , as well as proper fit , means that personnel are fully protected .
Waste Disposal Services Along with proper and compliant disposal , you will also be provided with all necessary documentation .
TRC Environmental Corporation trccompanies . com
TRC combines science and technology to verify and document the efficacy of COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection to create a safer workplace .
Industrial Hygiene Hygiene Monitoring
248-388-2828 • NBS @ FacilityEngineering . US
“ What can you do to make our building safe ?” Facility managers have been challenged with this question — NBS can help facility managers answer this question in a safe , cost-effective manner . Their two-step process uses clinically proven effective inhibitors of 99.9 % of pathogens and viruses , mold spores and more , as well as effectively removing odors , all while being colorless , odorless , and bio-friendly .
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Decontamination Services Antimicrobial Covershield