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Manufacturing continues to lead the way as one of the safest workspaces to be as a result of our industry ’ s willingness to place the safety of its workforce first and foremost . Many of the practices and procedures used in our industry and others were developed by manufacturers , long accustomed to risk management with focus on safety and collaboration with their employees as well as regulators .
MMA has worked furiously to support our member companies with the many complex and changing facets of operating in the shadow of a global pandemic . This fourth edition of MFG Tools for Safe & Productive Operations is intended to provide you with a single source for workplace safety requirements , best practices and direct access to partners who can support your company . As state and federal regulations change , MMA will continue to update this interactive digital too but we suggest that you carefully review this guidance with your risk management team , legal counsel and employees regularly .
Manufacturers are leading Michigan ’ s return to a robust economy with a safe , healthy , confident and economically secure workforce and we will continue to advocate while helping you communicate with your employees . MMA has committed to helping support the state ’ s COVID-19 response through the “ Spread Hope , Not COVID ” campaign and resources are available for you to do the same ( see page 11 ). There are , of course , simple things we all can do — and while oft repeated I ’ ll do so again : personal hygiene , maintain your distance , stay home if you ’ re sick and wear a mask in public .
We encourage you to reach out to the companies listed in this tool kit , each of whom has demonstrated a commitment to the vitality of Michigan ’ s manufacturing sector and stands ready to help you with the challenges facing your company .
Sincerely ,
John J . Walsh President & CEO
Table of Services
Best Practices for Safe & Productive Operations ............. 4
Additional Resources .............. 5
Personal Protective Equipment ...... 6
Decontamination ................. 8
Social Distancing ................ 10
HR and Training ................ 12
Employee Screening ............. 13
Information Technology ........... 14
Engineering Controls & Process Improvement ............ 16
This is a working document and includes self-reported , non-vetted capabilities for Personal Protective equipment ( PPE ) and non-PPE products and services . There is no guarantee in respect to the availability of or ability to produce the PPE and Non-PPE products or services .
No contractual relationship arises or is created with respect to the identified companies with or between Michigan Manufacturers Association ( MMA ) or any other company , and MMA does not accept responsibility for any loss arising out of the reliance on any information contained on or accessed through this document .
Legal Disclaimer : The information contained in this document does not constitute legal advice and should not be applied arbitrarily . All employers should consult with local legal counsel as well as medical , health and safety advisors in developing strategies applicable to their unique workplaces . MMA bears no responsibility with respect to third party reliance on the recommendations set forth herein .
Financial Resources ............. 17
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