Misfit Tunes The Magazine September 2014 | Page 2

TABLE Of CONTENTS Editor in chief :: K. Simms Ki_Misfit Ki_Da_Misfit Ki Misfit High Definition Hitter 16 Honarable Mention 32 One to Know 22 Laelo Stori Brooks Misfit Tunes’ Must Haves Downloads Albums/Mixtapes worth the download click to download Take The Pledge 28 Ki.Da.Misfit The Day The Music Went Silent 9 The lack of public outrage for the muder of Mike Brown by the music industry’s elite What’s In A Name 30 The importance of selecting a proper stage name. Life Isn’t Difficult 38 Inspirational message from TwinIsFine Slash Speaks 36 The Avi shorten version of Avatar thirst per SlashWaterboy 2