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As Jimmy Buffett song lyrics convey , there is nothing quite like livin ’ life like a song ! This approach to life is taken most literally at Latitude Margaritaville where live music , dancing and singing along are a part of daily life . After all , when you name a community after a Jimmy Buffett song you can expect a musical concoction that is like no other .

Music is the heartbeat of Latitude Margaritaville . It starts at the welcome center where visitors hear the tunes of Jimmy Buffett and Friends on Radio Margaritaville from the moment they step from the car . It ’ s impossible not to get your happy on , and visitors often are seen dancing into the welcome center and along the model park walkways .

“ Great music is an integral part of our lifestyle programming at Latitude Margaritaville ,” says Scott Gambone , Vice President of Community Hospitality and Lifestyle . “ We have a very high tech , integrated system and music programming that come together to create the great music vibe at Latitude Margaritaville .”

Giant sunshades have mounted cameras that project the action on stage and the sound system is integrated throughout the Town Center . “ What ’ s playing on stage can be heard throughout the Town Center and seen on the TVs in the Bar & Chill restaurant . Residents can watch the concerts right from their bar stools ,” says Gambone . “ There is even golf cart parking at the Town Square so that residents can just pull up in their golf carts and watch the action from there .”

The music plays seven days a week at Latitude Margaritaville . Latitude Margaritaville Daytona Beach and Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head stages have featured name bands as well as popular local groups . Smaller groups and soloists perform throughout the week at the Bar & Chill restaurant and the Paradise Pool and Tiki Bar . Full live concerts take place on stage at least two nights a week .

The community ’ s colorful Latitude Town Center surrounds a dynamic Town Square with a full-size concert stage backed by a jumbo screen . A large dance area at the center of the Town Square includes a special recessed wood dance floor that is cushioned to provide a little give and spring for the dancers .