Minto December 2022 Emag | Page 25

He ’ s not sure he has a personal favorite Jimmy Buffett tune but he vividly recalls his favorite Jimmy Buffett live concert : Rock of Ages : The Band in Concert on New Year ’ s Eve 1971 in New York City . “ Bob Dylan made a surprise visit . They were going to do four or five nights at the Academy of Music and the last show was supposed to be December 30 . I bought opening night tickets and then they said the opening night tickets were good through New Year ’ s Eve !” He says the audience went wild on New Year ’ s Eve when Dillon showed up and played the final four songs with the band .

And now , Ed is living the music at Latitude Margaritaville Daytona Beach in a home named after an island on a street called Coral Reef Way . He has taken the classic Jimmy Buffett tune , “ Changes in Latitudes , Changes in Attitudes ,” to heart and it shows in his relaxed demeanor and sunny outlook .

“ I ’ ve made a lot of new friends . We go down to Main Street , and Bike Week is always a big event . The Bank and Blues Club is a favorite . “ Every month , there ’ s a new restaurant and fun place opening up !” he exclaims .

Ed also enjoys bicycling with friends , sailing , bocce ball , and hanging out at the Latitude Bar & Chill for dinner and Karaoke night . When asked if this music-centric community inspires him to dance ? Like maybe the Electric Slide ? This brings a big laugh . “ No , I ’ m not big on the line dances . I ’ m more free style .”

What does he enjoy most about life at Latitude Margaritaville ? He pauses , then responds , “ You know , it ’ s a retirement I never imagined and never fail to enjoy . It ’ s better than I ever anticipated . I ’ m not thinking about accomplishing too much . I ’ m going to have a good time . Enjoy my friends . Enjoy life !”