MiniByOn SS2021 - Page 14

In order for you to enjoy your newly purchased furniture for a long time to come , we recommend following our care instructions . Our furniture is made of solid wood andMDF . Wood is a fantastic natural material but is influenced by factors such as humidity , light and heat . Even surface treated , painted or varnished furniture can be influenced by external circumstances , for example , wood will shrink in a dry climate and swell in a humid climate .
- Immediately wipe up spilled liquid with a dry cloth , some liquids such as coffee and red wine can rapidly discolour the surface .
- Do not place the furniture in direct sunlight . If protected , the furniture will retain its original hue considerably longer than if left unprotected . However , do not cover the same area for longer than a few days at a time .
- Do not place furniture close to a heat source ( e . g . radiators ).
- Do not place hot and humid objects directly on the surface , such as plates , glasses , mugs , pots , candles , flower pots , etc .
- Do not place coloured candles , adhesive tape or stickers on the surface .
Screws and fittings should be checked and tightened if necessary to maintain stability and function .
Despite the solid wood we use being dried and treated to avoid cracking and deformation , as a natural material it continues to absorb and release moisture . Thus , it can shrink and swell which can result in small cracks occurring in the various joints ; however this is nothing that affects strength and is not considered a defect . Here in Scandinavia we are particularly affected in the winter months , due to the dry indoor climate during this period .
Furniture which is antique-treated is partially made by hand to give a more unique and antique look . This furniture has partially abraded edges and there may be uneven , small cracks and small colour deviations on the same piece of furniture , which cannot be considered as defects . This also means that every piece of furniture is unique and it is not possible to have two products which are 100 % identical .
For leather items , please follow the instructions given for each individual piece of furniture as care depends on the way in which the furniture is used and how much wear and tear it is subjected to .
However , there are some rules which apply for all leather furniture : - Do not place your furniture too close to a heat source . - Ensure an air gap of 20-30 cm between the furniture and any heat source . - Protect the furniture from direct sunlight for extended periods . - There are a number of products available on the market today that protect leather surfaces against spillage and stains , improve durability and make furniture easier to clean if an accident should occur . Contact a furniture store for advice on which product is suitable for your particular piece of furniture .