Minha primeira publicação Dealimex Presentation-DEF - Page 9

Dealimex is a company specialized in international activities focused on mediation and intermediation of the following transactions: • International and Foreign Trade • International Sports Management • International Investments Between Brazil, Middle East, GCC, North and West Africa and the 3 Americas. The company’s strategic and tactical platforms offer highly competitive advantages including highly qualified staff with deep knowledge concerning the Middle East and other countries language, culture, history, civilization, religion, politics, ideas, ideals, beliefs, principles and values. There is large supply and demand in all these markets. Thus, Dealimex International is constantly on the search for companies dealing with imports and exports as well as assets and investments project owners who wish to take part in this Global Scenario and expand their businesses. Dealimex International, through strategically located offices, ensures physical presence in 27 countries, milieu for Brazilian worldwide product buyers and assets investors. With an aim to offer full support, Dealimex International follows every operation: from establishing the very first contact and finding Clients, Investable Assets Owners, Investors, Franshisie and Frishisors adapting business, preparing Business Plan, Briefing, Prospectus, Summary to the target market, including: • Opening; • Making offers and counter-offers; • Negotiating; • Clarifing; • Controlling; • Accomplishing deals; • Providing after-sales service; • Performance measurement to evaluate satisfaction of those involved, with the aim of building loyalty among partners.