Minha primeira publicação Dealimex Presentation-DEF - Page 12

Dealimex International ensures physical presence in strategically located offices promoting maximum tactical, logistical, technical, and operational effectiveness “en double sens” for manufacturer, consumer, exporter, investment project/assets owner, importer, investor, franchiser, franchisee, transporter, shipping agency, ship owner, trading company, that is, all players, agents, collaborators, and brokers who participate in the global market. This presence provides time optimization to all of Dealimex International Clients being of any part of the chain between Exporter/Assets Seller and Importer/Investor. The several Branch Offices spread expansively worldwide provide Dealimex International with a Global Supply Chain Management that allows to create an International Link between Offerers and Demanders, as well as to logistically and strategically follow and track operations, precisely and in real time, establishing a permanent contact between Origin and Destination.