Minha primeira publicação Dealimex Presentation-DEF - Page 10

Talking about 466 million people market with U$ 1,128 trillions GNP (2010). U$ 504,6 billions of final goods imports and 4,2 trillions abroad investments (2010). Dealimex International makes possible the participation of this giant global market, locates exporters and assets owners and finds importers and investors who meet/require strict criteria of the expected quality and ensure productive capacity for the foreign trade platform, as well as seriousness, transparency and security on preparing Due Diligence and Business Plan for the Investments platform. Moreover, several formulas will be employed to develop business opportunities; for instance: • Needs identification: expand Brazilian manufacturing into mega-scale production in several segments, supply the local market, and then export the surplus; as well as shorten distances between investment project owner and investor observing the differences and overcoming barriers. • Observing deficiencies: identify opportunities and establish links to meet bilateral deficiencies. For ex: Egyptian cotton in Brazil, Brazilian halal beef meat in Egypt; or investor looking for lucrative business buying Brazilian or worldwide assets that aim cash flow to generate various other Businesses; • Observing trends: the famous migration from the demand of scarcity to the search for abundant supply, making available products for export and projects and assets for investments. Through strategic and logistic plan Dealimex International aims to optimize operational, spatial, and communication costs. Thus, by establishing offices in several countries, Dealimex International ensures full support for a more real, physical, practical, and agile performance in the target-market. This allows getting new clients/investors and building loyalty with those who have previously made transactions through Dealimex International. The operational process follows a triangular fashion: 1- Input: Locating the Exporter /Investable Assets owner and Importer/Investor, and Identifying needs, wishes, possibilities, and conditions; 2- Processing: in this part of the process, values are added to the product or service. Moreover, this is when Dealimex International fully develops its mission, vision, and “Raison D’être”. It is the negotiation per se, in all its phases; 3- Outcome: winning client satisfaction and loyalty is only possible if the necessary back up and after-sale support are offered. Hence, the outcome is the final phase of the process, before the measurement and evaluation feedback. It allows for generating a "PDCA" (plan, do, check, act) for a corrective feedback, which will, in turn, improve strategic decision-making, thus favoring all collaborators, Exporter/Importers or Assets owner/Investor. Hence, we close the cycle that makes Dealimex International enterprise feasible by: • Identifying opportunities resulting from the favorable competitive conditions; • Writing a Business Plan including projects and processes: Planning, implementing and controlling towards a continuous improvement.