MINER MAG Q2 2022 MOBILE - Page 3


Your Work Contributes to Responsible Production

In recent months , many of you have heard me talk about the company ’ s continued focus on environmental , social and governance practices – or ESG .

More than ever , investors , lenders and other important stakeholders are encouraging publicly traded companies to embrace these practices , and they are evaluating those companies based on how effectively they do that .

At Freeport-McMoRan , ESG simply is another way to refer to responsible production . This is how we demonstrate our focus on safety while helping ensure we are performing our jobs in the most socially responsible manner possible . Honoring our responsible production commitments is simply doing things the right way – just as we always have done .

In this edition of The Miner , we explore responsible production and the environmental , social and governance components that go into it . You will see parts of what you do every day in these stories .

This leads me to the next point I want to make . Don ’ t look at responsible production as another item on your list of priorities . In fact , as the stories make clear , for most of you , just doing your jobs safely and doing them well is responsible production . Our goal in sharing these stories with you is to help you gain a better understanding of everything that goes into responsible production , so you can see how your work makes us better every day .

Thank you for your continued commitment to supporting the Freeport values and making safety our priority each day . I look forward to a strong finish to the year .

Josh Olmsted President and Chief Operating Officer-Americas