MINER MAG Q2 2022 MOBILE - Page 16

New App Keeps Employees Connected to Company , Community and Co-workers

Fatima Lizardo , Senior Administrative Assistant-Climax Molybdenum , demonstrates the new FirstUp application that is available throughout the company ’ s North American sites .

The latest lowdown on everything from company news and daily safety messages to employee celebrations is just a few clicks away with the new FirstUp app available to employees at most North American sites .

“ We are excited to introduce this new way of communicating with employees ,” said Linda Hayes , Vice President- Communications . “ FirstUp provides a way for leadership to engage with frontline employees and vice versa .”

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Text FCX to 45411 or go to the Apple / Google Play store to download FirstUp directly . When prompted for an organization code , use FCX and enter your network ID and password .

Individual sites determine what information is posted on FirstUp , said Clayton Davis , Manager-North America Site Communications and Tech Projects . At most locations , it is an open communication forum for both management and frontline employees . The goal is to keep it interesting and interactive .

The app can be tailored to individual work groups or facilities , such as crews in the mine or mill , different departments or shifts . These channels allow managers to easily communicate directly with employees , deliver messages and get feedback .


“ It really comes down to engaging the workforce ,” Davis said . “ It ’ s not about pushing information but more about putting information out there and doing it in a way that gets a conversation going .”

Sites are using FirstUp feeds as another way to provide information about new site equipment , safety information , celebrations , promotions , new employees and much more .

From a management point of view , the app is an ideal way to communicate quickly and directly with frontline employees , something that previously had to be funneled through supervisors to pass along to their crews .

While the use of FirstUp is not mandatory , it is an easy way for frontline employees to raise questions , comments , concerns or just topics of interest that can be shared with everyone at the site , including managers and co-workers who might want to join the conversation . It is also an opportunity to share videos and photos and to give shout-outs to fellow employees .

“ It ’ s really trying to give our employees that voice ,” Davis said . “ It ’ s amplifying their voice across their entire site .”

The biggest challenge is reaching frontline workers whose jobs are in the field and who do not have access to a computer during their shifts , said Fatima Lizardo , Senior Administrative Assistant-Climax Molybdenum , an early advocate of FirstUp adoption .

Industry surveys have long shown that lack of communication is a common challenge among workers . But it ’ s particularly tough to reach people like shovel operators or haul truck drivers who spend their shifts largely alone in the field , Lizardo said . However , in the last couple of years , the company has embraced technology with cellphones and tablets now available to most workers . FirstUp is a way to utilize that technology to foster communication and keep the workforce informed .


“ I see it as a way to bring people together and to connect people ,” Lizardo said . “ We are embracing technology now . Everyone has a tablet and is able to take pictures in the field , and we welcome that . We want to see pictures of employees doing the amazing work they ’ re doing , really showcasing and displaying that to everyone .”

Climax has the highest adoption rate among the company sites , in no small part thanks to Lizardo who has been pushing her co-workers to download and use the app . That includes passing out donuts to those who signed up .

FirstUp can be used on any internet-connected electronic device , including phones , tablets and computers . The equipment does not need to be company issued or enrolled in the mobile device management system .

The app was tested in Safford in fall 2021 and now is available at nearly all North American sites . Freeport ’ s South America and Indonesian operations have similar apps for their employees .