Mindset Self-Defense Volume 3 Issue 3 - TRANSITIONS - Page 10

Dec./Jan. 2016 From the Editor Transitions "The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change - " -Heraclitus This is one of our unavoidable universal truths. People change, relationships change, and the world changes. In this issue of Mindset we look at change and transitions from a few angles. "Past Perfect" (pg. 11) offers a bird's eye view at a marriage over the course of a few decades. It illustrates how subtle changes can result in profound effects, and how one woman tries to cope. "All People Matter" (pg. 14) is a perspective from one young woman on the state of her generation, and its' yearning for compassions and inclusion. "War Against Civilization" (pg. 16) addresses the recent terrorism attacks in Paris, and a view of these changing mentalities from a male perspective. The world is certainly changing, and in the upcoming year, as we struggle to make resolutions count, let's not negate the necessity of simply choosing a peaceful mindset in 2016. Seasons Greetings. (c) Can Stock Photo, Inc./ Anna_Omelchenko Kris Costa Founder Mindset Self-Defense