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Cybersecurity : How to Protect Your Organization and Avoid Production Interruptions

By Jim Bruxvoort • Rehmann
Creating a cybersecurity plan for your organization may feel like a daunting and overwhelming task . It ’ s a complicated and complex project , requiring time and energy your team doesn ’ t really have , right ?
But you should ask yourself , can you truly afford to not make this a priority ? Now , more than ever , given mounting cybersecurity threats that are only adding to existing pressures such as labor shortages and supply chain issues , now is the time to check the state of your cybersecurity and make any necessary updates and changes .
Consider these findings from the Ponemon 2021 Cost of Data Breach Report :
• Data breach costs have significantly increased year over year from 2020 to 2021 , jumping from $ 3.86 million in 2020 to $ 4.24 million in 2021 . This is the largest cost increase in seven years .
• Remote working and digital transformation due to the pandemic increased the average total cost of a data breach .
• 287 is the average number of days to identify and contain a data breach . The longer it took to identify and contain , the more costly the breach .
Initially , the financial industry was the primary target for threat actors but today we ’ ve seen it spread to an array of industries . Manufacturers , whose programs can be infiltrated by a threat actor , are also at high risk . If these programs are infiltrated , it could shut down production for weeks , leading to a huge loss in revenue .
Here ’ s what you need to know :
A cyber plan goes beyond security . When you create a cybersecurity plan , you ’ re not just working toward keeping your business secure — you ’ re also managing the risk . Once you ’ ve identified your organization ’ s crown jewels — the data you want to protect — you ’ ll decide how you will protect them . Finally , and possibly the most important step , you will need to put processes and procedures in place to follow if you experience a cyber incident . Knowing
how to respond gives you a pathway toward making the best decisions . Having a plan in place doesn ’ t ensure you won ’ t experience a cyberattack but you will know how to respond effectively and timely to mitigate further risk from the threat actors .
First steps . Training your people is another cost-effective step . A threat actor looks for lowhanging fruit — attacking your organization ’ s firewall could prove to be tricky but getting in through your employees can be much easier . Therefore , invest in training your employees so they ’ re alert and aware of threats , such as e-mail phishing scams , and make sure they know how to appropriately respond .
Cybersecurity can ’ t be tackled overnight . Being educated and aware of the risks and threats is a great first step . Developing a cybersecurity plan from start to finish is a process that requires a lot of thought and time but you ’ ll sleep better at night knowing your organization is protected and prepared . 6
Jim Bruxvoort is a principal in Rehmann ’ s technology solutions department . As the director of partnered technology services , he leads the product development and implementation of cloud and managed technology services . He may be reached at jim . bruxvoort @ rehmann . com or 616-301-6309 .
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