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David King

President & CEO Red Level
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Like many of Michigan ’ s manufacturers , a powerful brand and a valuable product often start with meager beginnings . In 2004 , David King started Red Level with nothing but a card table , a Nextel phone and a few friends who believed customers of IT services deserved better than what the industry offered . Red Level ’ s bare bones beginning paid off as more and more clients — many of them manufacturers — recognized a kindred spirit in King and sought out the customizable solutions he offered .
“ I ’ ve always felt that most business problems can be solved through a combination of reliable technology and a dedicated team ,” said King , now the President & CEO of the Novi-based IT service and consulting provider . “ Manufacturers have always enjoyed an energetic and innovative workforce — step into most any facility and you see it right away — but we want to make sure they have access to the other half of that equation .”
King is a military man , a retired Naval Officer , and he brings that passion , commitment and problem-solving skillset to his civilian work .
“ I wanted Red Level to be a place where the passion of our people shined through . We aren ’ t just thinking about the services we provide , but about the culture we project ,” explained King . “ You can ’ t fake caring and most customers will sense if you ’ re genuine or not and I think they can tell that Red Level is a brand worth trusting .”
Red Level is also a brand built to thrive during times of chaos —
One Skill Everyone Should Have .
Empathy .
How I Motivate My Team
Set the objectives and offer autonomy .
something manufacturers know all too well . When COVID-19 struck and the future of many manufacturers was uncertain , King and his team jumped forward to offer new technology solutions for employers who were still trying to understand the scale of the pandemic ’ s impact . The most impactful solution was the development of the COVID ClearPass application that allows businesses to track and manage the health screening process mandated by Governor Whitmer . This free application has helped numerous businesses get back to work .
“ The ability to adapt has been a top-line characteristic of this company since its beginning and I think that experience has helped us in interacting with manufacturers ,” King said . “ Continual change is the new normal and if this year has taught us anything , it ’ s that you have to be able to move quickly to the next thing and do it with confidence .”
During King ’ s time in the military , there were moments where he knew they weren ’ t in the best of circumstances and nobody could foresee what was next . They had to trust in each other , the processes they ’ d put in place and that the objectives they set were sound . This remains true to this day when the business landscape is changing daily making it difficult on staff and clients to keep evolving .

“ I see a lot of similarities to what we ’ re all going through today — as business owners and as communities ,” King stated . “ We ’ ll make it through if we have the right people in place and trust our objectives . We need to try to find the positive in the world and we might even become better for having gone through it .” 6

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