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Your MMA Government Affairs Team at Work

Manufacturing Funding Priorities Included in Swiftly Passed State Budget
David Worthams • 517-487-8511 • worthams @ mimfg . org
Completing a traditionally months-long process in less than 10 hours , the Legislature last week passed the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 state budget with wide bipartisan support , appropriating $ 62.8 billion in total .
MMA is pleased to report the return of funding for key manufacturing training programs , the Going PRO Talent Fund ($ 27.9 million ) and Michigan Reconnect ($ 30 million ). Funding for both programs had been vetoed in the current fiscal year over concerns of COVID-19-related budget shortfalls . Additionally , $ 2 million will be dedicated to support industry Title V air fees , marking the first time that general fund dollars will be used to supplement 20 percent of the total fee paid by industry .
MMA Opposes Bill to Limit Property Tax Appeals
Mike Johnston • 517-487-8554 • johnston @ mimfg . org
MMA is launching opposition to Senate Bill 39 ( Senator Ed McBroom , R-Vulcan ), which would effectively increase property tax liability for commercial and industrial property owners across the state by eliminating the process of establishing market value by comparing relevant properties . The result will be tax increases on job providers . The bill has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee .
MMA-Supported Bill to Solve Aggregate Shortage Moves to Full Senate
Dave Greco • 517-487-8543 • greco @ mimfg . org
The Senate Transportation & Infrastructure Committee passed Senate Bills 431 and 849 ( Senator Adam Hollier , D-Detroit ), which will guarantee that necessary aggregate materials are available to rebuild Michigan ’ s infrastructure while containing taxpayer costs and protecting our environment and communities . MMA submitted testimony in support of the legislation that will improve our state ’ s infrastructure and economic competitiveness .
House Passes Employer Liability Protections
Dave Greco • 517-487-8543 • greco @ mimfg . org The House of Representatives has passed legislation to shield employers from frivolous and baseless lawsuits arising out of COVID-19 and extending Good Samaritan safeguards . House Bills 6031-6032 and 6101 ( Representatives Tommy Brann , R-Wyoming , Graham Filler , R-DeWitt , Michael Webber , R-Rochester Hills and Wendell Byrd , D-Detroit ) protect businesses that have operated in good faith , taking reasonable actions to follow public health guidance , and producing vital products .
The manufacturing voice was strongly in support of this legislation , with many MMA members contacting their state representatives and Governor Gretchen Whitmer to urge their support for the bills . The House bills now move to the Senate for consideration .
Curriculum Flexibility Bill Signed Into Law
David Worthams • 517-487-8511 • worthams @ mimfg . org
Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed into law MMA-backed legislation to support Career and Technical Education ( CTE ) programs by allowing students to satisfy the foreign language requirement of the Michigan Merit Curriculum with an approved CTE program . Provisions in Public Act 158 of 2020 ( Senator Jim Stamas , R-Midland ) were initially put into law in 2015 but had to be renewed every few years . MMA led the business community in an effort to make the flexibility option permanent and to remove an obtrusive and unnecessary reporting requirement for local school districts .
Get More ! MMA ’ s ability to advocate on behalf of Michigan manufacturers for a competitive business relies on the support of pro-manufacturing policymakers . See pages 14 – 21 for more on how the election of pro-manufacturing candidates impacts your business and your competitiveness .
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