MiMfg October 2020 | Page 17

October 2020 MiMfg Magazine 17
Whether the issue is talent development , a new tax burden , threats to the employer-funded unemployment insurance trust fund , incentives to manufacturing investment or protections from frivolous lawsuits , pro-manufacturing officials are critical to growing and protecting a business climate in which Michigan manufacturers can compete and thrive .
What ’ s on the Ballot
It will come as no surprise that 2020 is a presidential election year . Additionally , seats in the U . S . Senate and U . S . House are up for grabs .
At the state level , in addition to the governing bodies of several universities and a non-partisan slate of judicial candidates , members of the Michigan House of Representatives are up for election . Currently , Republicans hold a majority in both the House and the Senate and control of the House is the focus in 2020 . Despite the established two-party system , MMA ’ s goal is to elect pro-manufacturing candidates of either party . This year , MMA endorsed both Democrats and Republicans who support the pro-manufacturing agenda .
Identifying Pro-Manufacturing Champions
MMA utilizes two primary data sources in endorsing candidates . For incumbents , our review of their voting record provides an insight into actions taken that support Michigan
Michigan has made some gigantic strides over the last 10 years , moving from the bottom of the list to near the top as a pro-manufacturing state . With our rich heritage of manufacturing , Michigan is considered the pulse of America when it comes to the manufacturing economy . We need to continue to lead the way by being active participates in our futures , participating in our elections and voting for pro-manufacturing candidates is the number one way we can make a difference for maintaining and growing Made in Michigan for today and beyond .
MMA has been our advocate for Michigan manufacturers for over 100 years ; they have supported our needs and concerns with state and federal representatives . Today more than ever we need to stand together to ensure made in Michigan is still the example for our nation to follow . Manufacturing is and will always be the pulse of the American economy .
— Patrick Curry , President , Fullerton Tool
Elections have consequences and even small changes in state policy can have big impacts on small companies . Here , members of the Vantage Plastics production team in Standish do their part to evaluate and prepare Michigan-made products for customers around the globe .