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Fast , Clean , Accurate Alcohol Testing — With Just a Touch

Would you be surprised to know that alcohol-related injuries in the workplace cost American employers and insurers an estimated $ 63 billion last year ? What ’ s more , nearly half of all industrial accidents involve alcohol , leading to 200,000 injuries and 500 deaths each year .
While many of us are able to enjoy alcohol responsibly away from work , some employers have struggled to enforce a zerotolerance policy in the workplace , resulting in loss of productivity , injuries and even deaths .
The SOBRsafe Solution
Enter emerging growth SOBRsafe — a company that is having a game-changing impact on workplace safety with a new touch-based alcohol screening technology . Based in Colorado , SOBRsafe recently established its sales leadership and supply chain management ( including manufacturing ) in Michigan , and is looking to significantly enhance workplace safety for manufacturing employers statewide .
Featuring instantaneous results and powerful analytics , SOBRsafe accurately detects the presence of alcohol through a simple , noninvasive and hygienic finger touch — no blood , no saliva , no breathing into any kind of device . These results enable employers to uniformly and objectively manage their current alcohol policy , and prevent alcohol-related catastrophes on our roads and in the workplace before they happen .
“ We looked at the statistics and determined that there is a massive issue with alcohol consumption out in the workplace , especially in manufacturing , warehousing
and last mile commercial fleets ,” says Dave Gandini , Chairman and CEO of SOBRsafe .
“ We thought , ‘ what if we could help employers avoid alcoholrelated drains on the business , instead of simply reacting to them after the fact ?’ And that ’ s exactly what SOBRsafe is doing ,” he added .
Significant Insurance Savings
Create an alcohol-free work environment and you ’ ll do more than improve safety and productivity . You ’ ll also cut down on liability , which can reduce insurance premiums in a big way .
“ Insurance companies understand that , on average , about 17 percent of people are affected by alcohol while working — due to either binging the night before or drinking on the job ,” says Michael Watson , Chief Revenue Officer and EVP of Sales & Marketing . “ They also know that 47 percent of workplace injuries are linked to alcohol .”
The result ? Sizeable premiums to cover the inevitable costs of alcohol-related accidents .
Learn More About SOBRsafe
Phone : 844-SOBRsafe 844-762-7723
Web : sobrsafe . com
SOBRsafe wants to change that paradigm . Recently , they completed a successful field test with an Amazon last mile delivery company to scan drivers before and after their shifts to document that everyone has been alcohol-free during the entirety of their daily route .
“ Using a secure cloud-based portal , we ’ ve been able to prove definitively that our delivery client is operating a 100 percent alcohol-free work environment ,” says Watson . By doing that , a SOBRsafe customer is able to take advantage of discounts , up to 25 percent each , on workers ’ comp , fleet , general liability and umbrella policies . As an example , a Michigan employer recently received a $ 257,000 annual insurance discount by integrating SOBRsafe ’ s safety solution .
Reducing injuries . Increasing productivity . Saving lives — and saving on insurance premiums . SOBRsafe is using its proprietary , touch-based alcohol detection technology to make these and other benefits a reality for employers , workforces and communities everywhere .

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