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We ’ re all aware of the obstacles manufacturers face , and MMA continues to do all we can to help our members tackle them . The fragility of the supply chain has been exacerbated in the wake of COVID-19 , and I know from personal talks with members that many of you are feeling it . Turn to page 12 to read how some of your colleagues have risen to the challenge and consider joining us in June for the MFG Forum where we will dive further into supply chain issues . Registration is open at mimfg . org / mfgforum .
John J . Walsh President & CEO walsh @ mimfg . org
Talent is another obstacle that frequently taxes our membership and the industry at large . We are excited to welcome Bill Rayl to the MMA team as Executive Director of Workforce Solutions . In this role , Bill will bring his passion for driving manufacturing careers to chart an effective path of collaboration between manufacturers and potential talent producers . See page 18 to hear more from Bill .
And we recently launched a partnership with FCCI Insurance Group , a trusted provider of commercial property and casualty insurance , surety and risk management services , to help our makers manage their risks . With FCCI ’ s expertise in the realm of manufacturing , supply chains , transportation and beyond , we ’ re pleased to bring coverage designed specifically for manufacturers to our members . Learn more at mimfg . org .


Larry Janicki Service Corporation President janicki @ mimfg . org
Alongside MetLife ’ s leading suite of voluntary benefits , there are unique features and services available for your life insurance benefit offering called MetLife Advantages SM . Learn more at mimfg . org .
Mike Johnston Vice President of Government Affairs johnston @ mimfg . org
Michigan ’ s district lines have been redrawn and each region of the state will be uniquely impacted . Hear how your area will be affected from MMA and Adrian Hemond , CEO of Grassroots Midwest and political science expert , in the MMA Online Learning Center at mimfg . org .
Delaney McKinley Vice President of Membership , Marketing & Events mckinley @ mimfg . org
Get ready to celebrate Michigan manufacturing excellence with the annual MFG Excellence Awards ! Nominations open June 14 and plan to join us in Lansing on November 10 for the annual awards gala . See page 19 for details .
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