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Enhancing Safety , Increasing Productivity and Streamlining Distribution
24 MiMfg Magazine May / June 2022

The Case for Consolidation Construction :

Enhancing Safety , Increasing Productivity and Streamlining Distribution

By Justin Monson • Wolverine Building Group
How many times a day are you hearing or saying the phrase “ supply chain ?” Too many . As you continue to meet your customer ’ s needs , there are new options to meet your need for space as the pace of onshoring continues to accelerate . When considering your next “ supply chain solution ,” consolidation construction may be the answer with surprising benefits .
Protecting people and property , while remaining cost-effective , has always been prioritized in your operational plan . But an outdated building may put you at risk . In a recent project , Seal Bond Inc ., an adhesives , sealants and coatings manufacturer in Norton Shores , consolidated three operational buildings into one new 100,000-square-foot facility . Engineered controls included storing raw material properly through designated control areas , including chemical spill containment , alternative fire protection measures , access control and building automation . This provided additional employee , environmental and asset protection .
In this same production redesign , Seal Bond was able to configure teams to work collaboratively in the consolidated space . As the industry faces staffing shortages in every classification , a new facility can offer your lines more eyes in less space . Imagine if the qualified team you have now could work together to operate , train and inspire the next generation of workers in one location , rather than managing multiple machines in multiple sites .
A new building can automate production by planning new utility resources for your equipment needs . This includes additional power capacity , high-pressure natural gas or a central boiler system . These resources support equipment needs , resulting in increased productivity and lower operating costs .
“ Our new location allows us to streamline operations , providing greater quality and efficiency to our customers ,” said Alex Carmichael , Vice President of Operations at Seal Bond . “ With this new facility , we were able to design and plan to maximize production .”
As onshoring continues , your investment in securing your product line should pay off , not pay others . With the right design-build contractor , you can secure a site with closer access to supply routes , then engineer your building to increase distribution .
Consider a custom-built location to consolidate storage , design distribution on your terms and made to control your variables , creating a better client experience . In another example of this winning approach , an international pharmaceutical manufacturer built new warehousing and distribution systems . Through the design-build process , the company was able to reconfigure their logistics process to expedite delivery , while simultaneously producing a building that kept product stabilized and more secure . The frustrations your team is encountering with moving product in and out from multiple locations could be resolved when you create the facility you need , rather than the facilities you have .

Depending on your pain points , consolidation construction could be the answer to your supply chain questions . Rather than having your team create another workaround , consider how your facility should work around your team . By constructing a building that is designed around higher safety , advanced manufacturing and efficient logistics , you ’ ve invested in more than a solution . You are ready for what ’ s next . 6

With over 15 years in construction , Justin Monson ’ s role as Project Manager II for Grand Rapids-based Wolverine Building Group offers him daily opportunities to make buildings work for Michigan manufacturers . He may be reached at 616-949-3360 .
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