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Electing promanufacturing candidates ensures our business climate remains favorable to success .
16 MiMfg Magazine May / June 2022
Looking to the Future
Now is an opportune time for manufacturers to gain a deeper understanding of their supply chain : To study it , find out where the challenges are taking place and implement solutions .
“ Companies that are willing to evaluate , invest in or own their supply chains will have an advantage ,” Smith says . “ It will show over the next few years who spent their time during the pandemic rethinking how to do their supply chain .”

The experts agree , manufacturers must understand their own supply chains and make constant efforts to evolve , or they will face compounding challenges down the road . Having multiple suppliers for each product , onshoring when possible , maintaining healthy relationships with suppliers and ensuring leadership has a solid understanding of the costs of doing business are just a few things manufacturers can do now to cope with ongoing , ever-evolving supply chain challenges . 6

Michigan Manufacturers :

Make Your Voice Heard

Electing promanufacturing candidates ensures our business climate remains favorable to success .

Patrick Curry
Chairman , MMA-PAC Member , MMA Board of Directors President , Fullerton Tool and Endurance Carbide
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Amy Buben , CPA , CFE , Principal Manufacturing Services Group Leader amybub @ yeoandyeo . com

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$ 227 million

Protected Michigan ’ s 10 % energy choice option , a

$ 1.2 billion value , and critical to the industry ’ s competitiveness

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