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MTMIC has Long History with Michigan Manufacturers
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MTMIC has Long History with Michigan Manufacturers

Workers ’ compensation insurance is something that can go largely unnoticed until it ’ s needed . In the unfortunate event of a worker getting injured on the job , that is where insurance providers like the Manufacturing Technology Mutual Insurance Company ( MTMIC ) will step in to provide critical support to the worker and the employer .
For the past 45 years , MTMIC has been providing its policyholders with stellar rates and excellent customer service in the area of worker ’ s compensation . And it ’ s even better for MMA members who are able to take advantage of a blanket 3 percent discount on their premiums through the MFG Works Partners Program .
MTMIC has a long history with statewide manufacturing and MMA .
“ Manufacturing is the majority of what we do ,” says Megan Brown , MTMIC Vice President of Sales and Marketing .
What Members Say ...
Customers with MTMIC enjoy a number of special benefits that help to set the company apart . For one , MTMIC is a mutual insurance company which means policyholders can receive a dividend payment at the end of each year if one is declared by the Board of Directors . At the February 2021 Board Meeting , MTMIC declared a $ 4.5 million dividend return — one of the largest ever declared in the company ’ s history — to policyholders . MTMIC has returned $ 3.9 million to MMA members since the MFG Works Partners program was launched in mid-2018 .
Those funds helped struggling companies during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic .
I love [ MTMIC ’ s ] customer service . Any time I have any issue , or if I have any questions , if I need assistance with anything , they ’ ve answered my questions right away and they ’ ve given me websites to go to for more resources and information .
— Jean Geist • Brass Aluminum Forging Enterprises
“ We know that companies are definitely in need of funds , in order to keep their shops open ,” says Brown . “ We issue any profits that we make , we give it back , and we give it back in the form of a check so they can reinvest that money into the business .”
Jean Geist , Controller for Brass Aluminum Forging Enterprises , is one of many happy MMA members and MTMIC customers who rely on the insurance provider ’ s stellar customer service and regulatory guidance .
During the statewide shutdown , MTMIC Loss Control Representatives helped guide hundreds of policyholders through the morass of regulations and safety requirements from state and federal governments . The result of that effort ended in an extensive COVID-19 playbook on safety regulations and best practices that was distributed to all policyholders in a digital format , and personal outreach from MTMIC ’ s Loss Control department .
“ There was so much information that came out last year in terms of what employers were supposed to do . And with all the different executive orders , it was very confusing for many of [ our customers ],” says Brown .
Ferndale-based Brass Aluminum Forging Enterprises ( BAFE ), a fullservice supplier of aluminum alloy and copper alloy components , is one of many statewide manufacturing customers that were supported by MTMIC ’ s loss control efforts during the pandemic . However , what stands out the most for Jean Geist , Controller for BAFE , is the superior level of customer service and engagement . She says