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Upcoming MMA Policy Committee Meetings
Meetings are held virtually via Microsoft Teams . Learn more at mimfg . org or contact MMA ’ s Eleanor Surtman at surtman @ mimfg . org or 517-487-8552 .
Air Policy Committee Tuesday , June 1 , 2021 Tuesday , July 6 , 2021
Employment & Workforce Policy Committee Friday , June 18 , 2021
Environmental Policy Committee and PFAS Work Group Tuesday , June 8 , 2021 Tuesday , July 13 , 2021
Health Care Policy Committee Friday , July 9 , 2021
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Tax Policy Committee Monday , May 24 , 2021 Monday , July 19 , 2021
Unemployment Insurance Task Force Friday , June 25 , 2021
House Committee Praises MMA-Driven Talent Solution
MMA ’ s Mike Johnston and David Worthams and SME Foundation ’ s Rob Luce recently gave a presentation about the PRIME ® partnership that delivers custom curriculum solutions to help build a localized pipeline of manufacturing talent to the House Committee on Workforce , Trades and Talent . Committee members lauded the program , a proven hiring solution for manufacturers that want to influence the educational process to effectively train future qualified workers .
House Committee Approves Solid Waste Management Bills
The House Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Committee approved an eight-bill package addressing numerous areas of solid waste management . This package aims to put Michigan on the path to achieving benchmark recycling standards to ensure a more resilient materials industry and increase the supply of affordable raw materials for manufacturing new products . Language pertaining to contaminants of emerging concern is not included in the current version of the package . MMA continues to advocate for amendments pertaining to preemption and adjacent community controls to achieve the desired policy outcomes without excessive regulation .
Pass-Through Entities Tax Deduction Advancing
MMA-supported legislation to eliminate the State and Local Tax ( SALT ) deduction cap on smaller “ pass-through ” businesses is moving through the Michigan House of Representatives . House Bill 4288 ( Representative Mark Tisdel , R-Rochester Hills ) would permit pass-through businesses to elect to pay their SALT at the entity level and includes an income exemption to ensure that businesses making the election are not subject to double taxation . HB 4288 would create parity with C-corporations and would reduce the federal tax burden of pass-through companies without reducing tax collections to the state .
MMA Working to Influence Future COVID-19 Workplace Safety Regulations
MIOSHA extended emergency COVID-19 workplace safety rules into October , prohibiting in-person work that can feasibly be performed remotely with no changes from the prior emergency rule . The Agency also filed proposed permanent MIOSHA rules with only slightly improved language regarding remote work .
MMA has been “ tip of the spear ” on efforts to permit employers more flexibility , with David Worthams serving as chair of the MIOSHA standard advisory committee , issuing a Minority Report in objection to the permanent rules and fighting for manufacturing-specific relief .
The next steps in seeking changes to the proposed permanent rules are to participate in the rules promulgation process , and engage the Legislature and the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules .
Provide your feedback directly to MIOSHA on the proposed permanent rule at a virtual public hearing scheduled for 5 / 26 / 21 . Comments can be made at the hearing , by mail or e-mail until 5 / 26 / 21 at 5:00 p . m .
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