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Interview with NCMS ’ Rebecca Taylor

Q : What is the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences ?

Taylor : NCMS is the nation ’ s largest cross-industry technology development organization , dedicated to improving the competitiveness and strength of the U . S . industrial base . As a member-based consortium , NCMS leverages its network of members and partners to research , develop , demonstrate and transition innovative technologies more efficiently , with less risk , and at a lower cost than going it alone .
NCMS enables world-class member companies to work effectively with other members on new opportunities — bringing together highly capable companies with providers and end users who need their innovations and technology solutions . NCMS members benefit from accelerated progression of idea creation through execution .

Q : What is NCMS bringing to the MFG Forum ? Why should manufacturers attend ?

Taylor : MMA has been holding the Forum for more than a decade and we are thrilled to partner with them this year to focus on the cyber security risks facing manufacturers . Michigan companies should attend to learn about the threat landscape they are facing in an increasingly connected manufacturing environment . Attendees will hear from OEMs and the expectations that they have of their supply chain in the cyber arena and can network with potential customers and suppliers . Finally , attendees will come away with guidance and tools to better secure their industrial operations .

Q : What is operational cyber security ?

Taylor : When people hear “ cyber security ,” most will think of the hacks to companies
Rebecca Taylor , Senior Vice President , NCMS
Has held a senior executive role at NCMS since August 2003 and has experience in non-profits , corporate environments and government agencies including the U . S . Department of Defense .
Recognized as a 2014 Manufacturing Institute STEP Ahead award honoree for her role in promoting women in manufacturing through advocacy , mentorship , engagement and leadership
Sits on the Board of the National Advanced Mobility Consortium and the International Board of Directors for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers
like Home Depot and Target where customer information was stolen . The systems that were compromised in these events were IT systems . Manufacturers have something else to consider on top of the potential threat to IT systems — their production / manufacturing systems and industrial control systems which compromise their Operational Technology or OT . In addition , the OT side is connected to the IT side , as
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well as to the internet , and up and down the supply chain . Safeguarding all aspects of the connected enterprise , with special focus on the production side , all encompass operational cyber security .

Q : Why is operational cyber security an issue of high priority for manufacturers of all sizes ?

Taylor : Most manufacturing systems currently in use today were made to be productive — they were not made to be secure . By design , they focus more on productivity and safety instead of on the security of the machine or the data and products it produces . Most of these networked systems have grown organically and over time , adding to the systems complexity . Furthermore , most of the systems are operated and secured by the production side of the house without IT integration . These factors combine to form serious cyber security vulnerabilities in many manufacturing systems today . Every manufacturer is at risk — it isn ’ t a matter of if they will be targeted but when .

Q : I ’ m not in IT , why I attend the MFG Forum ?

Taylor : This Forum specifically addresses the non-IT cyber security challenges . The themes and presenters will be addressing the needs of manufacturers in a way that all levels of an industrial company will be able to understand , gain specific insights and come away with a plan to better secure their valuable corporate assets . 6