MiMfg Magazine March 2017 - Page 23

Chad Taylor

Revenue Acquisition Manager Demmer Corporation 11Joined MMA : July 1988 11Employs : 350 Michigan workers 11Website : www . demmercorp . com
If I Weren ’ t Doing This I ’ d be a cowboy .
If I Could Have a Superpower Heat vision . It would make welding much faster and even more fun !
The Best Advice I Ever Got Keep things simple . When you break down a problem , there ’ s usually a simple solution to fix it . Don ’ t overcomplicate the things that aren ’ t really that complicated .
How I Motivate My Team I keep things simple , I work to really listen to any concerns my team has and I make the effort to help them solve those challenges whenever possible .
Three Items I Can ’ t Live Without I have pretty simple needs . I ’ d need my family , they are my rock , good people to work with and a good horse .
My Next Goal I want to push Demmer to new heights . We have an incredible team here and I believe in what we do . Hopefully I can help reinvent the business , connect with new markets and new opportunities and show the value of our business to the next generation .
Chad Taylor , revenue acquisition manager for Demmer Corporation , stands in front of Makino Mag 3EX 5axis high speed CNC milling machines at the manufacturer ’ s Ottawa Street plant in Lansing