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March 2017 MiMfg Magazine 21
Session Highlights
From Global Auto OEM through Supply Chain , the Importance of Security
As a leading global automobile manufacturer committed to customers , safety , quality and innovation , General Motors understands the importance of information security . Attendees will learn the potential impact through the supply chain as Lisa Gage shares insights to how GM is driving security through its organization from people awareness to plant floor .
Speaker : Lisa Gage , General Motors Director of Information Security ; Transformation , Planning and Metrics
Real World Experience to Reduce Risk
Innovation , technology and security are hallmarks of a successful manufacturing business . This panel of experts from ASK , Orbitform , Fibre Converters and Melling Tool will share their real-world insight and experience in a moderated discussion to enlighten , inform and challenge fellow manufacturers . Attendees will gain an awareness of the evolving landscape of manufacturing , hear personal stories and learn best practices they can apply to any size of manufacturing operation .
Panelists :
• Mike Maddox , ASK President ( moderator )
• Phil Sponsler , Orbitform President
• Jamey Southland , Fibre Converters Computer System Administrator
• Bill Klemm , Melling Tool Director of IT Services
Why Hackers Love Manufacturing and How to Drive Them Away
Critical manufacturers including manufacturers of vehicles , transportation equipment , metals , machinery and electrical equipment have been identified by U . S . Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) as the leading target of infrastructure cyber-attacks , with more than a third of total attacks impacting manufacturers . While most industrial environments were not developed with cyber security as a primary goal , manufacturers need to take action to protect their business , communities and consumers . Agents of FBI , DHS and MMTC will highlight national , state and local resources to assist Michigan manufacturers with identifying existing cyber security tools and resources .
Panelists :
• Rebecca Taylor , NCMS Senior Vice President ( moderator )
• Greg Carnevale , U . S . Department of Homeland Security
• David Martin , FBI Special Agent
• Elliot Forsyth , Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center Vice President of Business Operations
Sustaining a Culture of Innovation
Innovation is in the DNA of manufacturing and is the mother of necessity for competitiveness . Yet , not every manufacturer has learned how to develop or embrace a culture of innovation . Learn how your Chief Information Officer may be blocking innovation , how to embrace disruption and proven strategies to sustain innovation . In addition to an inside look at how Microsoft is innovating , Mike Walton will share his experience to help manufacturers learn the linkage of culture and innovation to develop game-changing strategies and technologies .
Speaker : Mike Walton , Microsoft Manufacturing Vertical Senior Executive
“ How Hackable Are You ?” Interactive Activity
The spread of network-connected devices has greatly impacted the way we live , the services we use and how products are manufactured . While manufacturers see the benefits of connecting these devices to collect metrics and data , organizations may not understand the risks involved . During this interactive session , Merit Network ’ s Jason Brown and Tonia Cronin , will demonstrate how a hacker can eavesdrop on your corporate network and provide ways to protect your staff and your equipment in this highly connected world .
Activity Leader :
• Jason Brown , Merit Network Chief Information Security Officer
• Tonia Cronin , Merit Network Program Manager , Michigan Cyber Range Hubs
Post-Forum Reception
Join us after the Forum and keep connecting on the issues that matter to you and your company . Continue sharing strategies with like-minded manufacturers and discussing insights with attendees and speakers .