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March 2017 MiMfg Magazine 17
For more than a decade , the MFG Forum has provided a format to educate manufacturing leaders on emerging issues impacting their business . In 2017 , MMA is proud to partner with NCMS to help small , medium and large manufacturers understand the growing importance of Operational Cyber Security risks .
Sessions for this event include :
From Global to Supply Chain , the Importance of Security
• Lisa Gage , General Motors Director of Information Security ; Transformation , Planning and Metrics
Real World Experience to Reduce Risk
• Mike Maddox , ASK President ( moderator )
• Phil Sponsler , Orbitform President
• Jamey Southland , Fibre Converters Computer Systems Admin
• Bill Klemm , Melling Tool Director of IT Services
Get More ! See page 20 for more about the MFG Forum in Novi on April 25 , including session descriptions and registration details .
Why Hackers Love Manufacturing and How to Drive Them Away
• Rebecca Taylor , NCMS Senior Vice President ( moderator )
• Greg Carnevale , U . S . Department of Homeland Security
• David Martin , FBI Special Supervisory Agent
• Elliot Forsyth , MMTC Vice President of Business Operations
How Hackable Are You ?
• Jason Brown , Merit Network Chief Information Security Officer
• Tonia Cronin , Merit Network Program Manager , Michigan Cyber Range Hubs
Sustaining a Culture of Innovation
• Mike Walton , Microsoft Manufacturing Vertical Senior Executive
“ Finally , remember your employees can be your biggest asset or your biggest threat ,” says Taylor . “ Regular training and testing are key to making sure your team continually acts as an asset and not an added threat .”
Penetration testing is a proactive way for any manufacturer to discover where their vulnerabilities exist and to get an expert ’ s opinion on viable solutions before a breach occurs .
Going a step beyond vulnerability scans and security assessments , penetration testing works to answer the question “ What is the real-world effectiveness of my existing security controls against an active , human , skilled attacker ?” The focus extends beyond the simple