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Cyber Security for Manufacturers

By Rebecca Taylor • NCMS
Cyber security presents substantial risks to all manufacturers . The topic is complex , daunting , amorphous and constantly changing . Manufacturing leaders ignore cyber security challenges because they lack time and in-house resources to address them adequately . The result is that many small and medium sized manufacturers do not have a cyber protection plan which protects their critical assets .
Manufacturing processes are typically operated by industrial control systems ( ICS ) which use open platforms and common operating systems . In addition , mobile applications and sensor controls are not incorporated into their cyber protection plan . A 2016 survey by the Deloitte Center for Industry Insights found that just 50 percent of companies ’ segment or isolate ICS networks from their standard networks , which means half of our advanced manufacturing companies face ICS trouble if their standard networks are breached .
Bad actors use cyber vectors to take control of these systems to monitor , disrupt or hold for ransom . They can change or corrupt data flow for critical operations , resulting in damaged equipment , theft of intellectual property and harm or loss of life . These threaten competitiveness , negatively impact reputations and produce potentially harmful or damaged products .
Cyber threats are real and significant . Denial is not a resolution .
Today ’ s manufacturing systems were made to be productive — not secure . Networked systems have grown organically , adding to the complexity . The systems are operated and secured by the production division of the business , without IT integration . Phishing , advanced malware and human IT practices are the most common attack vectors used in targeting manufacturers .
The results of any of these attacks can be severe . A Deloitte survey found that when a manufacturing company experiences a breach , the costs are massive . 38 percent of respondents indicated their breaches cost them more than $ 1 million .

NCMS ’ Cyber Security Strategic Initiative helps manufacturers address cyber security issues and convenes technical experts in operational technology and cyber security to help companies identify , mitigate and close security and resilience gaps .

— Tom West , Data General Corporation ”

Not “ if ” but “ when ”
Manufacturing leaders must think of this as a matter of “ when will I get hacked ” instead of “ will I get hacked .”
Manufacturers who have successfully implemented measures to protect themselves from attacks don ’ t wait for an attack to occur before developing and implementing a cyber protection plan .
In response to new and complex cyber security demands , NCMS has partnered with the Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) and private sector cyber security stakeholders , to help identify key issues , opportunities and mitigation solutions .
When it comes to advising our clients on manufacturing matters , we ’ re all in .
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About NCMS
The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences ( NCMS ) is dedicated to helping manufacturers develop robust systems which ensure uninterrupted production . In response to new and complex cyber security demands , NCMS helps manufacturers become better equipped to address the new world dynamic by equipping manufacturers with world-class information assurance , knowledge and services .

NCMS ’ Cyber Security Strategic Initiative identifies and closes security and resilience gaps . 6

Rebecca Taylor is senior vice president with NCMS . Contact her more information on the Cyber Security Strategic Initiative at rebeccat @ ncms . org at rebeccat @ ncms . org .
For the full white paper with prevention and reaction recommendations for advanced manufacturing cyber security , see the NCMS website at www . ncms . org .
Deloitte Center for Industry Insights , “ Cyber Risk in Advanced Manufacturing ,” ( 2016 ). ii
Deloitte Center for Industry Insights , “ Cyber Risk in Advanced Manufacturing ,” ( 2016 ).
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