MiMfg Magazine August 2019 - Page 17

August 2019 MiMfg Magazine 17 MMA Honored with Presidential Recognition Award for HICA Repeal Effort In recognition of its years-long effort to restrain employer health costs by fighting health care taxes, state-specific benefit mandates and government intrusion in private contracts, MMA was honored by the Michigan Association of Health Plans (MAHP) with their Presidential Recognition Award during the MAHP’s summer conference on 7/19/19. The MAHP Presidential Recognition Award is presented in recognition of outstanding commitment to the advancement and improvement of high quality, affordable, accessible health care for the citizens of Michigan. “We have found the Michigan Manufacturers Association to be an astute partner in defending against legislative issues that would increase health care costs to employer purchasers,” said Dominick Pallone, MAHP’s executive director. “Whether it’s unsustainably rising drug costs or health care mandates, we have sought and valued their contribution. In particular MMA helped to lead a coalition in repealing the Health Insurance Claims Assessment (HICA) tax. Their work and relationship with MAHP has truly been rewarding for us all.” Previous recipients of the MAHP Presidential Merit Award include Governor Rick Snyder, Hope Network, Crain’s Detroit Business, National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, Health Care Association of Michigan, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, AARP, Michigan Pharmacists Association, MPHI, MPCA, Put Michigan People First Coalition, and the Michigan’s Partnership for Health Care Reform. “I speak for everyone at MMA when I say how grateful we are for the opportunity to work on meaningful public policy that has a tangible impact on the lives of Michiganders. Health care policy is MMA’s Delaney McKinley, center, accepted MMA’s Presidential Recognition Awarded presented by the Michigan Association of Health Plans in July. often discussed in terms of dollars and cents but it’s no secret how deeply personal a matter it is to all of us,” said Delaney McKinley, MMA senior director of government affairs and membership and the lead lobbyist on manufacturing’s fight against the HICA tax. “Whether it’s the elimination of the HICA tax or blocking costly health care mandates or fighting to maintain the cost containment tools we have today, these are critical issues to tackle for our state and our industry’s future. Success in this work means having tough conversations with legislators every day and I am so pleased to be able to partner with the MAHP on these impactful issues. Thank you for this humbling honor.” MAHP is an industry voice for 14 health care plans, covering over 2.5 million Michigan residents, and 50 businesses affiliated with the health care industry. MAHP’s mission is to provide leadership for the promotion and advocacy of high quality, affordable, accessible health care for the citizens of Michigan. Your Support is Critical Contributing to the MMA-PAC is an investment in Michigan’s future and one of the most affordable and effective ways to support pro-manufacturing legislators and candidates. Donate at mimfg.org or contact Brianna Mills at 517-487-8523 or mills@mimfg.org. “Our ability to support pro-manufacturing candidates is imperative as anti- manufacturing voices are working strategically against our industry.” — Patrick Curry, MMA-PAC Chair and President of Fullerton Tool MMA-PAC can accept personal contributions or contributions from sole-proprietorships, partnerships or limited liability companies (LLCs). State Law prohibits acceptance of corporate checks. 6