MiMfg Magazine August 2019 - Page 16

16 MiMfg Magazine August 2019 With talent more coveted than ever, the benefits of knowledge management and retention are clear: • Greater ability to maintain effectiveness even as employees retire or move on • More confidence and loyalty from employees as the company shows its trust in them and the important role their knowledge has toward company-wide success • Deeper bonds between employees • A happier, more connected workplace that can lead to more talent wanting to work there and less talent looking to leave • A better overall sense of what makes the com- pany successful, where gaps in talent exist and a greater ability to develop long-term talent plans Want More? For details on developing a reliable knowledge sharing and retention plan, check out the resources available from EDSI Consulting at www.edsisolutions.com or contact MMA’s communications department at 517-487-8533. 6 Brett Gerrish is MMA’s communications coordinator. He may be reached at gerrish@mimfg.org or 517-487-8533. Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, www.census.gov. MMA’s Annual Membership Survey, 2019. Preserving Employee Know-How, Deborah A. Peluso, Society for Human Resource Management, May 1, 2010. A Strategy to Capture Tribal Knowledge, Michael Collins, Industry Week, May 23, 2016. The Value of Retaining Institutional Knowledge, A.J. Heightman, Journal of Emergency Medical Services. How To Keep Hold Of Your Institutional Knowledge, The One Brief. Millennials: The Job Hopping Generation, Amy Adkins, Gallup. You Don’t Need a Crystal Ball to Plan for the Future — Why Your Organization Needs to Implement a Knowledge Management and Retention Strategy, Ken Mall, EDSI Consulting. Don’t Miss Out on Exclusive Benefits — Update Your Login Info Changes have come to mimfg.org and, if you’ve been away for a few months, your old log-in will no longer work. Visit mimfg.org and click Login and then “Create an Account” (under the blue “Log In” button) to create your new account. Questions? Contact MMA’s Elizabeth Maciejewski, at 517-487- 8542 or maciejewski@mimfg.org.