MiMfg Magazine August 2019 - Page 8

MiMfg Magazine PREMIUM ASSOCIATE 8 August 2019 Member Spotlight John Calabrese & Michael Calabrese Control System Integrators Member since January 2019 • Learn more at www.csiadvantage.com Manufacturing has truly become a 24/7 industry and, with limited downtime, the constraints facing companies aren’t simply budgetary. Today’s manufacturer is faced with a growing demand for perfection. From better tracing, improved accuracy and higher standards of quality along the supply chain to greater customer service, faster turnaround and more innovation for the consumer, manufacturers must automate, digitize and modernize their facility in order to compete in a global market. “Manufacturers come to work to do good work, but everyday issues — inefficiencies, poor data, process bottlenecks and limitations on quality or safety — can inhibit the potential for a good company to become a great company,” says John Calabrese, chairman of Control System Integrators (CSI). Since 1992, Lansing-based CSI has been a provider of innovative technical solutions to the most complex operational challenges impacting Michigan manufacturers — from leading automo- tive suppliers to materials handling companies and other key sectors. “There are technologies, resources and solutions available to help companies overcome many of these barriers. If clients can get a clear picture of what stands between them and their production goals, they are better positioned in the market,” says Michael Calabrese, president of CSI. “Our team is focused on customer success and wants to help our clients reach their goals,” Even as they work with some of the world’s largest companies, the CSI team understands the pressures facing smaller companies and works with them to create hybrid solutions combining a small manufacturer’s existing options with a multi-year mindset for maximizing their resources. “Automation can be a democratizing force within the industry,” Michael explains. “It can help smaller companies do what the big guys are doing. It allows them to compete in a way they may not have otherwise been able to — and that’s good for all of Michigan.” By asking themselves some common questions, any manufacturer can locate the right solutions for their unique needs: • Do they have a digital roadmap to understand their inputs and in-process sequence? John Calabrese (left) and Michael Calabrese (right) are ready with their Control Systems team to aid manufacturers in automating, digitizing and modernizing their business. • Do they have in-process error-proofing? • Is there something beyond human detection in place? • Do they have visibility and transparency of their plant floor ops? • Can they get information easily to operators? • Does senior leadership have the data organized in a cohesive manner to detect efficiency and effectiveness? • Do they have technology and software — AI and machine learning — to overcome their weak points? “We can sit down with you, get to know your pain points and build the necessary automation roadmap to meet your goals,” John notes. The assistance provided by consultants like CSI will vary based on need. Some clients have solutions in place and CSI will aid in their execution. Others are only beginning to get a handle on what automation, digitization and modernization is required. CSI can help them best utilize their assets, upgrade where possible and effectively plan an all-encompassing automation strategy. “Now is when you should begin shoring up your automation effort — manufacturing is a cyclical industry and the ones who survive and excel are thinking long-term; they are thinking to the next recession and beyond,” Michael says. “If you can prepare ahead of your competitors and consider what’s coming next, you can come out of a slowdown faster, better and ahead of the game.” 6 Premium Associate Member Learn more about MMA Premium Associate membership: mimfg.org