MilliOnAir Magazine September 2017 - Page 96

The thrill of a luxurious bathroom: the prestige of Elite Stone is unrivaled

Verona, July 2017 – Hyper-accessorized, super-elegant, luxurious: a perfect description for bathrooms designed and created by Elite Stone, authentic jewels that become the focus of the most beautiful and prestigious homes in the world. Real luxury meets unrivaled excellence and the supreme elegance of marble, exquisite details and sartorial concepts. The marble is like a gown of high fashion made to measure, to create a unique, inimitable bathroom, and Elite Stone is synonymous with this magnificent harmony: an atmosphere that is reflected in every area of the home, adding to its value with personal charm and a wealth of delightful detail.

A marvelous demonstration of this trend is without a doubt the bathroom designed for Villa Dragonwyck at St George’s Hill, the celebrated and highly exclusive residential district of London, a place where absolute luxury reigns supreme. Not just any luxury: the luxury born of the eternal elegance of bold, surprising projects. Evocative and highly refined, the main bathroom, with the classical refinement of the tub in white marble, is decorated with very precious materials: the walls in Calacatta Borghini Imperiale bookmatched marble are a picture of pure natural beauty, and the floor in Cremo Delicato marble is finished with splendid inlays of wood and brass. The Vanity Top is an authentic work of art, entirely made of Cremo Delicato with pull-out drawers also in marble, lined on the inside in handstitched leather.

Another prime example of the projects designed by Elite Stone is Villa Lancaster, also in London: here metal and marble wed to create an original, simply perfect bond. Poetic charm and a complicit atmosphere mark the bathroom where the keynote is the triumph of Cipollino marble that decorates the top of the bathroom cabinet and is also echoed in the floor, with an effect of unique refinement.

“Elite Stone produces every bathroom with a timeless design that simply focuses on the best” says Tetyana Kovalenko, CEO of Elite Stone. “You can also see the bathroom at our brand new showroom ES Atelier in a version with a splendid tub in Grey Bubble Onyx. A single block of marble in which the surfaces are perfectly smooth becomes a tactile pleasure and attraction for a chic, ethereal furnishing element”.