MilliOnAir Magazine September 2017 - Page 94

  What if your money was designed to create social impact?    The impact economy aligns citizens, businesses and investors committed to delivering social impact  through market-based practices. It’s big, and it’s getting bigger. Estimates put the potential size of  the impact investment market at somewhere between $400 billion and $1 trillion globally by 2020  (World Economic Forum).    To prepare for the launch of a Bank dedicated to the impact economy, impak Finance Inc. is building  a virtual ecosystem bringing together citizens, impact businesses, and investors, both digitally and  face-to-face, to grow an economy built on social values.  ● Citizens support accredited impact entrepreneurs  ● Impact investors support impact entrepreneurs  ● Impact entrepreneurs support each other  ● Together, everyone supports the growth of the impact economy    To accelerate the growth of this platform dedicated to the impact economy -, impak  Finance is launching a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology.    Introducing impak Coin : the first cryptocurrency coded to grow the impact economy.    impak Coin (MPK) combines the advantages and functionalities of ​ complementary currencies​ ,  recognition programs​ , and new ​ cryptocurrencies​ . MPK’s objective is to encourage and reward user’s participation.    People can use impak Coin to:  ● Buy products and services from hundreds of accredited companies on  ● Pay for goods and services offered by users  ● Convert back to Canadian dollars    People will receive impak Coin in their e-wallet when they:  ● Download the mobile app  ● Invite their contact to  ● Offer time or material to the businesses who request support  ● Buy a product or service from an business  ● Invest in the impak Fund  ● Buy new impak Coin  The best of both worlds impak Coin : 01. is built on ​ a decentralized ​ technology called the Waves Platform. a. No single point of failure b. Transparent c. Immutable transaction ledger 02. Has a ​ centralized ​ Governance Body to accomplish the following: a. To ensure accessibility of impak Coin to every citizen wishing to support the impak project b. To ensure protection of end users by easing the burden of private key management c. To ensure a stable price and isolate the MPK from any speculation d. To avoid money laundering and malicious usage of the impak Coin