MilliOnAir Magazine September 2017 - Page 90

The goal of impak Coin is to accelerate the interaction between citizens, investors and entrepreneurs in this new virtual space dedicated to the social impact economy, called The impak Coin combines the advantages and functionalities of complementary currencies, recognition programs, and new cryptocurrencies.

“We want to mobilize those a financial return, but also the positive impact on our collective well-being. As an organization 100% dedicated to the growth of the impact economy, we appeal to those who believe in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to join us - as far as I know, they want to change the world, too!”

said Paul Allard, Co-founder and CEO of impak Finance.

“We need to expand our imaginations and our tools if we want to tackle the large-scale problems facing the world today. We can’t neglect the tremendous power of markets, including the capital markets, to contribute to a positive impact.”

The impak Coin aims to become the international currency dedicated to the impact economy

A truly innovative investment device, impak Coin is designed to work alongside traditional economy but with public benefit in mind. The public crowdsale of impak Coin is running until September 20th 2017 and investors can participate on

impak finance Paul_Allard and Francois Le Bel