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Fashion, Business, Entertainment and trucks?! Yes trucks! Well I do like to keep up with technology...''They call them “the World’s Greenest Trucks”.

Tevva’s range extender technology means their trucks ALWAYS maximise their battery use and therefore do more zero emission miles than any other comparable truck'' So click on to page 84

Would you like to own your own opera house? Take a look at this stunning place in Lunenburg Nova Scotia on page 34

We have quite a few other exclusives in this months issue as well, so please do keep on reading, scrolling and interacting on the following pages.

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We are working 24/7 either solo or together as an amazing worldwide team, little steps and big movements forward are happening constantly and all great things are coming our way. We cannot lie, this is hard hard work, but then it is our passion which we love and all the content in the magazine comes from people's heart's mind's and soul's. So I really do hope you feel the love when you see the work that goes into producing all these digital pages.

Now please go and enjoy September MilliOnAir Global Magazine.

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