MilliOnAir Magazine September 2017 | Page 56

''irish proverb: "it is in the shelter of each other that the people live"

welcome to b.Jane essentials. created by sisters Mary Fahey Krause (certified aromatherapist) & Sally Fahey Tucker (licensed massage therapist).

b.Jane is named in honor of our mother, whose strength, intelligence and beauty inspired all who met her. Jane was a member of what has been called the greatest generation. she was also mother to thirteen children. through all of her trials and triumphs, joys and sorrows she was and is our shining example of the importance of maintaining health and beauty as a valuable component to your strength and dignity. she was a women who understood the simple adage of caring for yourself so you may care for others.

a key aspect of our mission: We have had the privilege to be personally involved with people that have differing abilities. To say we have been taught more by them than they by us is an understatement . Through the growth of b. Jane we are determined to create job opportunities for this community that has given us so much and asked so little.

body, mind and soul. all are essential.

it is an honor for us to share our mother's lessons on sense and sensibilities through the unique application of the wondrous rejuvenating elements that mother nature provides. we are devoted to the idea of embracing the earth's bounty in the creation of all of our products. we are committed to offering superior quality products for you which are created to provide for the highest impact on your well being with the lowest impact on mother nature. all of our products are made using only resources found in nature: flora, fauna, minerals. and of course the love that Jane embodied.

our packaging is made with recycled, reusable materials. over a long period of development we have strived toward and succeeded in bringing you a product made with beauty, integrity, and sustainability . our logo is our mom's signature and our labels are inspired by a 1940s rose-gold locket. these were designed with great vision and respect by our good friend Julie Meridy:

contact us @ si[email protected]

we invite you to become a part of our family.

after all, there was always room for more at Jane’s table.