MilliOnAir Magazine September 2017 | Page 111


Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Dear Cancer you could feel a strong need to communicate at the start of September yet be unclear on the message you wish to put across take a little time to think this through wisely. A financial opportunity could also be presented to you and will also need careful consideration.

There appears to be some confusion around the level of investment needed by the full moon on the 6th September so the opportunity may need to be shelved for the time being. Also an interesting work development could occur at this time and will require your full attention.

You may have a feeling of being ahead of the game and invincible at the new moon of the 20th September however there is a danger of being taken advantage of because of this. It would prove useful to look at any contracts thoroughly and obtain legal advice if in any doubt.

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Dear Leo there seems to be an issue with your affairs of the heart at the beginning of September. Your needs are not being met in some way yet you are struggling to express these feelings. However there is a determination to stay with it, be patient and find your way through any difficulties.

Emotions are heightened by the full moon on the 6th September although you are now thinking in a more careful and concentrated way giving you the ability to start working on your difficulties this will continue to be a work in progress as there could be a few hurdles to overcome.

It all seems more positive by the new moon on the 20th September as your love life takes an unexpected turn. You are now communicating your needs in a creative way and speaking freely so the person concerned is finally listening.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Dear Virgo you may be feeling lonely or somewhat isolated at the start of September but this could be self- imposed. Life may feel arduous yet there is a reticence not to involve loved ones preferring to deal with any problems alone or communicating with them at a distance either by phone or email.

You have a renewed energy by the full moon on the 6th September friends and family may now step forward with kindness and a sympathetic ear. Your need for communication is strong once again and is helpful with your taking decisive action in improving your situation.

Love is all around you at the new moon on the 20th September this helps boost your confidence. However there may be a need to stay grounded and not fall back on any negative escapism. Also a little self- pity may be present so be mindful of seeing the very real positives around you.