MilliOnAir Magazine September 2017 | Page 108

Regular skin treatments available at Lisa Harris Skin Science focus on taking your skin to a state of perfect health, ensuring your skin has every chance in the fight against ageing, air pollution and UV damage. Our philosophy combines science and the latest technology to offer a bespoke skin treatment that combines efficacy with indulgence, changing your skin for the better. Our incredible treatment Clear + Brilliant may be the answer that holds the knife at bay, not just today, but for years to come. Tone, texture and pores – perfected! Just one 20 minute session of Clear + Brilliant delivers powerful and precise laser energy to your skin leaving it feeling smoother, younger, healthy & radiant. Routine treatments deliver lasting effects. 92% of patients said they “glowed” – now it’s your turn! Combining this treatment with our incredible Intraceuticlas Facial is the ultimate Post Sun Treatment – not only treating sun damage but restoring hydration back into your skin. Intraceuticals is the best way to hydrate and oxygenate your skin with immediate and dramatic results, conveying a confident new you! The perfect facial for an ultimate glow! Indulged a little too much on your holiday? Our incredible Lipofirm Pro body treatment is the perfect treatment to get your shape back! Using the latest technology of Radio Frequency and Dynamic Muscle Activation to reduce fat cells, tighten skin and tone muscles. The Radio Frequency is a phenomenal skin tightening energy that delivers INSTANT skin tightening; it also warms up the fat cells causing them to liquidise (40 degrees on dermis, 70 degrees cellular level). Using Dynamic Muscle Activation we are building your muscles beneath just like working out, the pressure between the muscle contraction and the machine is causing the fat cell to disperse and is drained through the lymphatic system- leaving you with the figure you’ve always wanted!