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Highlighting talents and giving space to creativity: Skinwall launches a call for bids for its new designs

Rimini, 2 October 2017 - Following the great success at Cersaie International Exhibition, Skinwall begins a new adventure in the spirit of creativity and innovation. The bid, which was published just yesterday, calls for the submission of designs to be printed on unique wallpapers, and it is aimed at undergraduate and graduate Design students at the University of the Republic of San Marino. The images to be submitted should be 5 meters wide and 3 meters tall, but there are no restrictions regarding the technique: the design can be realized either by drawing or with digital programmes.

The thematic areas for the designs are three:

• natural or urban landscapes with a stark reference to Oriental style (Chinese and Japanese);

• “overlapping images” effect, where different elements merge together and overlay to form a motif. There could be the weave of a carpet, an old ornament, a profile, some fragments of a picture, newspaper clipping or phrases;

• images or illustrations realized with a painting style and complementing ornamental motives with human figures. Old classics revisited are also welcome.

The bid will be valid until November 9th, and the candidates who will score from sixth to first place will have their designs become part of the new Skinwall catalogue. What is more, winning candidates will receive a prize money and a royalty on the taxable sales of his/her design.

“This initiative celebrates new talents and gives space to youngsters’ creativity” said Marco Brigi, Sales Manager of Skinwall. “The bid builds a bridge between university and companies, and helps students to actually embark on the job market and come into contact professionals. This idea came to us so that young people could enrich their professional experience and give unique and out-of-the-box inputs to our company, which is always looking for an innovative turn”.

In the picture: “Sweet Angel”, wallpaper 79 of Contemporary Design Collection - Skinwall’s 2017 Catalogue


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