MilliOnAir Magazine October 2017 - Page 43

The personal branding solution

So how do we make sure that the people in our company consistently project and reinforce the company values? One great way - create an environment, both emotional and physical, that makes them feel valued, that they play a solid role in the business success and that they can progress and develop their careers with the support they need.

We have found that by providing a personal branding methodology to support individuals being their authentic selves, being clear about their value and what they bring, to identify their strengths and motivators, then we can go a long way to achieving a great company culture with mind-set and behaviours that provide any business with the back-bone to a solid brand personality.

Core Personal Branding Principles

I am going to share here the SEVEN core principles for creating and building your personal brand, whatever your business or career goals and whatever role you currently have or seek:

1. Who you really are

This is the starting point. A strong personal brand has to be authentic so that it can be more easily maintained and sustained, and most importantly be consistent. Carve some time out in your calendar to think about your personality traits, your skills and strengths, and your values and drivers. Ask yourself:

What do I really want to be ‘famous’ for?

What really motivates me?

What core strengths and skills do I have that support those?

Next step is to get some candid feedback on how others see you, what they think you stand for, what you’re great at etc.

Now ascertain where the gaps are and create an action plan.