MilliOnAir Magazine October 2017 - Page 37

Your ex fiancé claimed that you abandoned your kid to go on the show. How did that feel?

 She is a great mum but my kid is one year old and he would not have had a clue about it. It would be just like dad going to work on the oil rigs. And part of the reason I did it was to provide a better life for my kids. 

You sent a message to your two other boys saying that you were doing this for them and that they’d understand when they saw you on TV. But as a responsible parent, would you let them watch Love Island?

 No of course not! But they saw bits that we  edited so they knew what was  going on.

Who would you most like to be with on a desert island if you could only take one person?  

 Oh no way, it would  have to be all three of my boys.


You have trained Ant and Dec and the boys from Blue. Will we be seeing a video in the future?

Nice idea. I love  training people and getting them into shape. It’s hard sometimes when you are based in Essex  to get to everyone so I am planning to do Skype training and may look at videos later this year. If the lads were up for it, then why not? I am sure would help sales.


Have you any other projects coming up?

There are plans for me to create my own swimwear range. I tend to wear shorts on the beach  as some men’s swimwear leaves little to the imagination. I would like  to pop a pair of speedos  on and feel comfortable. My  plan is to create line that everyone  can wear.


If you had to write an open letter to the public explaining what they’ve got wrong about you, what would it say?

I am the best Dad there can be. I am truthful, honest and loyal - as long as you are loyal to me.

Thank you Craig we look forward to your new ventures

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