MilliOnAir Magazine October 2017 - Page 36


HANDSOME, TATTOOED hunk Craig Lawson burst on to tv screens in the most talked about show this year, ITV2’s Love Island. He went on the show to find true love, he said, quickly hooking up with Prince Harry’s ex, Camilla Thurlow, only to be dumped.

Craig tells Steven Smith why he has no regrets and how he is still looking for love - and why he regards being a father as the finest accomplishment of his life.

Craig Lawson

Has No Regrets

by Steven Smith

What made you go into Love Island?

To have new experience and challenge myself. Plus I liked the idea of finding  true love and thought this would be a different way of doing it.


What is your dream woman?

Someone who could be my soul mate and someone I can share my life with. Oh, and a great bum always helps... 


Do you like posh girls more than Essex girls?

There are plenty of posh girls and princess in Essex. I like all sorts of girls, it’s the personality that wins me over.


Would you go back to the island if asked again?

For sure - next  to my kids being born, it was the  best experience of my life.

You had two broken relationships yet you say you brought more confidence to the island than any of the other lads?

 My mum  always taught me to  hold my head high and walk with confidence in life. People miss out  as they are afraid of  rejection and trying things. Even if  someone says no to me, or it’s not worked,  you need to move on and not let it affect  you. Life is too short. 

 Would you like to see Camilla again?

She is a classy girl; she’s intense; she’s exciting - sure, why not?

You say you’re waiting for your Princess or Queen - presuming the latter does not mean Boy George, would you date a Cougar?

Gosh yes! Age is just a number. There are fantasy older  woman, like Sharon  Stone, but  I would go up to 35.

What do you find unattractive in a woman?

 Dishonesty, lack of trust and  jealousy. There’s nothing worse than someone looking through your  contacts or asking  who's  calling you. It is such a turn off. I am one hundred percent faithful when I am in relationship.