MilliOnAir Magazine October 2017 | Page 86

State of Mind


Unshakable is a state of mind

Have the courage to ask for exactly what you want and be prepared to receive exactly what you ask for.

Me: This is what I want

Inner voice (Gods voice): OK - here you go

Me: Maybe not like that. Maybe this is a bit too much. Maybe I am being selfish. Maybe I should aim a little lower. Maybe I should be a little more realistic, perhaps more humble in my request. Do you think I am too demanding? Is this even possible?

Inner voice (God’s voice): Please could you be exactly specific about what it is you are asking for?

Me: ...but

Inner voice (God’s voice): No buts. Be unshakable

So now, every time I am faced with the comfort zone boundary line, I dig out my little red note book and read the guidance as set out in the soliloquy above, which replays itself in my mind as often as I need reminding of the greatness within me.

1. Be exactly specific about what you want

2. Dare to dream.

3. Believe

4. Dream it into existence with execution

5. Be prepared to receive it. Arms outstretched

6. ‘Unshakable’ is a state of mind. Be unshakable

It’s two more MilliOnAir editions to Christmas, how is your year going to end? As for me, mate, I’m asking. Specifically. Consciously. Boldly. Eyes closed and arms outstretched in grateful anticipation of what ‘tick’ feels like.


Unshakable is a state of mind. 

Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself.