MilliOnAir Magazine October 2017 | Page 60

As data-driven marketing is par for the course, shouldn’t instantaneous reaction to changes expected or unexpected in the engagement or lack of it be managed in house? The reaction to a campaign strategy from the target audience should be on-going and whilst I believe you can still utilise an agency to help retarget the campaign, it may also be easier to have in house creatives work on content changes in the short term whilst new tactics are set into effect.

Reading back through the last few paragraphs I can see that I lean towards an off-site agency/in-house agency approach. In many cases this works better as the perspectives of being in a campaign rather than on a campaign can be very different.

Some of the questions raised on this subject haven’t been answered, but looking at them, I thought it prudent to list them as they are questions a brand should be asking when considering its position on this matter.

Who and how do you set KPI’s in an agency only vs hybrid model? What does the sign off chain look like? Are there compliance issues to consider? What are the data security issues? How does the reporting landscape come together? How does GDPR affect decisions?

Although 4 in 10 companies now use an in-house agency, only 61% cited brand expertise as a major reason, making that 3rd place behind Speed & Agility and Cost respectively