MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 - Page 86

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVOURITE PART OF THE RETREAT? Besides the masquerade? The Boudoir shoot!!!! I wanted to create an experience for the VIP's that got straight to the point and challenged them in a big way. It challenged them to stretch their confidence, find their sexy, and embrace themselves in new ways. Not only was it transformational for them, it changed me as a woman. It changed how I feel about myself and my body. And, oh my gosh, we screeched seeing each other’s photos! It was so liberating. I got so brave I ended up getting some photos on the beach as well! That night will be imbedded in my memory forever! Seeing the excitement on each girls’ face was everything. WHAT IS YOUR NEXT STEP IN YOUR BUSINESS? WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT NEXT? Well first I am going to take a much needed vacation with my Momma. I am taking her to the Bahamas! It’s our first vacation together. I am so grateful my business and its growth has allowed me to do this. And then, I am so excited to launch the next class of Diva Business School and my online membership program, Diva University. I am also currently working with a producer to launch the Diva Business School podcast in August of this year. Then, I’m off to Europe. I want to travel again and take my tribe with me. I feel so alive when I travel. I grow so much. It’s my own sort of inner pilgrimage. There are just so many exciting things coming. This is just the beginning really. I had a client say that to me the other day, and I thought, YES, it really is. HOW CAN OUR READERS FIND YOU? They can visit my website at, follow me on Instagram @DivaBusinessSchool and on my Facebook Business Page @StaceySmithCoaching. Women can also request to join “The Diva Power Network” on Facebook and enter a powerful network of women to support them in their growth and transformation. And, of course, sign up for my email list on my website and get free goodies in your inbox every single week! The Diva Business School podcast will also be available in August on Itunes! To follow all of the women who came to the retreat go to