MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 - Page 85

HOW DID EVERYTHING FOR THE RETREAT COME TOGETHER?  Like serendipity. It was just magical. Every detail completely fell into place. I think my favourite “coming together” story is in the Masquerade night. I am obsessed with the movie “A Midnight in Paris”. I wanted to create a fantasyland for my girls to imagine themselves in ways they would never even think to be. I believe there are pieces of all of us we know we can improve, and that improvement, I call, the highest self. But then there are things inside of us that are available, women we could be, but we can’t get there in our day-to-day imagination. It doesn’t even seem attainable. But there is a woman inside of us, deep down, that is capable of unbelievable confidence and courage at our core. I call this the INNER DIVA. She’s the highest self of the woman you never thought you could be. The masks, custom made and drove back all the way from the French Quarter, allowed the girls to step into a completely different person. They “played” her in make believe, until they were confident enough to be her in reality. When they were ready, they took the masks off. It’s so exciting to see them, even after the retreats, continuing their work with themselves. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL RETREAT? The relationships you build and your team. Your team is everything. You have to surround yourself with people who get your vision, who trust what you see in your mind that might make absolutely no sense. People that challenge you to show up and make it happen. My coach is the biggest part of my team. She cares about my clients as if they were her own. She gives them everything. It’s beautiful when we get the opportunity to blow my Divas away together. But even back to serendipity, our photographer was one of our most valuable assets. She was a dream. She really upped the vibe of the whole experience. From her design background and helping us choose décor that would add to the space and enhance the photos, making a gorgeous cake for one of the Divas birthday’s, to making every single woman feel beautiful and sexy in their photos, she was an invaluable asset. When your team is in synchronicity and working together to create the same vision, everything is up leveled. I also believe a big part of creating successful retreats is in the detail and small touches. Custom built floral arrangements. Hand -picked swag bag items, like matching floral kimonos and satchels with inspiring quotes to match each woman’s personality. All of these details matter. They create the experience. And how we experience something is how we are impacted and how we remember it. My tribe is strong because I work hard to make them feel special and important. My retreats are nothing short of this. WHAT WERE SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS THAT FACTORED INTO THE RETREAT'S SUCCESS? One of my favourite things about this retreat is the people who helped us make it happen, and how that came about. It really goes back to the serendipitous magic of it all coming together. Last July, my coach and I met the owner of Elk Creek Winery in Owenton, Ky (near where I live). We did a private cellar tour and tasting for a VIP event I’d done for my business with my coach. We became instant friends. The hospitality, the perfectly crafted wine, the vision and heart behind the winery, not to mention the gorgeous ambience, make this my favourite place for me to bring clients. Barry, the owner, makes his visitors feel like family. My clients over and over have loved the experience. (Look out, I might be having a retreat at the spacious cabins on the property soon!). My clients LOVE wine. I was beyond thrilled when Barry offered to sponsor our event. He really supports my girls and what they want to accomplish in life. I can chat with him for hours with a good glass of wine (the pink moscato is unbelievable, or the more hearty Chambourcin are a few of my favourites). It’s everything to meet like-minded entrepreneurs who put so much into the art they create. I love hearing about his process of creating the perfect glass. His mindset in the world. His own personal transformation. And if you really want to feel a lot of joy and inspiration, ask him about his wife. I tell him all the time, women would give anything to be spoken about the way he speaks of her. She’s every bit of magic herself. The custom labels with a personal note to my Divas on the back, and knowing the relationship that came with it, really enhanced the entire experience.