MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 - Page 84

19 WHEN DID YOU COME UP WITH DIVA BUSINESS SCHOOL, WHERE DOES IT STEM FROM? CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE BIT MORE ABOUT YOUR RETREAT? WHAT INSPIRED IT?   What’s really funny is if you had told me even two years ago that I would have a tribe of women surrounding me and looking up to me, I would have thought you were crazy. I really didn’t GET women. But your biggest struggle often becomes your biggest lesson to teach. Diva Business School has really morphed since its beginning. It started as a group coaching program with the concept that if you focused on changing just one thing a week for 52 weeks your entire life would be changed in a year. But those 52 weeks, and the first Diva retreat brought up so much for me and my fears with other women, including my coach (we’ve worked a lot on that!). What I thought about them, what I imagined them thinking of me. I healed, they healed. I realized the program, the sisterhood really, is about opening the door to your heart for women to walk in. If you want to create a tribe, you have to heal what’s been keeping you from having it first. To me being a DIVA, is about celebrating yourself, filling yourself up, and passing along all of the overflow of your abundant life to other women. It is about confidence, community, and commitment to your growth. My DIVA creed is “Design your life. Inspire the world. Bring your Vision to life. Accomplish your wildest desires.”   I have a firm belief that what makes anyone an influencer, is their ability to create what they want, to bring their desires to life. They make changes, they fulfill themselves. The world sees it, and it inspires them, influences them, to go after what they want, what they desire. Many entrepreneurs spend a lot of time and energy trying to create products based off of what they imagine their ideal clients want. What the market is looking for. But I have a different approach. I think the market is looking for happiness. Fulfillment. They are influenced by authenticity and genuine joy. HOW you fulfill that need, is creating what brings you desire and happiness. I was walking off a flight from Aspen with my coach and I just stopped in the airport and declared, “I’m going to have a Midnight in Paris” retreat, in Michigan. She’s just as insensible as I am. She said, “Let’s do it!”. I wanted to show people that you can create based on your desires, and sell OUT. You can be in high demand, fulfilling what brings you joy. EVEN if it doesn’t make any sense. You bring the vision, you enroll others in it, they feel your joy and commitment to yourself, and they are INSPIRED. YOU are YOUR ideal client. Your happiness will always appeal to the market. IN THE NEXT FEW PAGES WE’RE GOING TO MEET SOME INCREDIBLE WOMEN, CAN YOU PLEASE TELL US ABOUT THEM?   Oh my gosh! These women are the most unbelievable creatures on this planet. They are brave. They are fierce. They choose their dream lives every day, regardless of their fears. They don’t give up. Some of them I got to squeeze for the first time in person, some of them have been with me since the beginning. We all left this retreat FAMILY. Soul Sisters. It really was so incredible how far some of them came, and how much they sacrificed to be here. I had to do TWO retreats just to accommodate how many of them wanted to come and take their lives and businesses to the next level. I feel like I am an artist and they are my muses. I built the entire retreat just for them. They inspire me endlessly. WHY MICHIGAN? WHY NOT SOMEWHERE ELSE?   Michigan holds such a special place in my heart. I built most of my business from Michigan while I worked my full time job. I fell in love there. I got my heart broken there. I found places that are sacred to me there. I took my girls on the first day to Saugatuck Dunes State Park. I go there to meditate and feel centered to the earth. To feel simultaneously big and small in the world. To gain Perspective. I wanted to share with them my favourite places. I wanted to share my heart.