MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 - Page 75


If you have a cool story you want to share with me, I am always on the lookout for fun, uplifting, inspirational people who want to share their message, so get in touch!

As a new contributing editor at MilliOnAir I look forward to inspire you with some of my own thoughts on a variety of topics from the motivational world, to film, music, the digital world and some pretty unique interviews… and hey… it looks like our own Miss Millie Copper will be asking me some interesting questions for next month’s issue, so don’t miss out on my exclusive interview for MilliOnAir

Now remember, stop waiting for life to magically happen and go out there and start creating new experiences and memories.

Live, laugh, be bold, take risks & be super mega awesome

Love Always

Elise Quevedo aka The Digital Ghost Queen

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''One of the best pieces of wisdom someone gave to me once was this: "Elise, you are going to be dead a lot longer than you are alive! so live it up!" and boy were there spot on!, we have all heard the classic "yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to come so all we have is today". Listen to that because is true!''