MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 - Page 68


888poker - sponsors of the WSOP - aims to 'Take Back The Game' showing their online players

they know why they play and that they do everything to support their love for the game.

Sofia, from Gothenburg, explained: "There is a growing number of excellent female players and it is about time a woman was crowned Queen of the WSOP - it would be a great payday but also a major breakthrough for all women around the world."

"Obviously, the huge majority of men play the game, but women are catching on and getting some superb results. They have all the qualities to be among the best players in the world. The great thing about poker is we’re all on an equal footing since poker is not a physical skill. It is extremely mentally challenging and that's where we can outplay the men. They tend to have big egos and think they can bully us at the table. But I believe this is an advantage for us, where we can use our image to make unexpected moves, trap them, and take all their chips at the end."

"Women have more confidence in their own game nowadays. They may not have such oversized egos and they still want to win and are just as prepared to be more patient and take advantage of the game long-term."

Sofia, who also enjoys golf and sailing in the summer and skiing in the winter, agreed with Chris that the WSOP Main Event is the ultimate poker tournament and she can't wait to take her seat.

"Whether you are a regular home game player, love to play online, or have never played before, you have to give it a go.

She said: "You have to be in it to win it - and with a little bit of lady luck, anyone can come out on top!"

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* 888poker is a global brand and the second largest poker room globally. A staggering 25 million people are registered on 888sites worldwide.

* It boasts a loyal customer base with millions of satisfied customers in more than 150 countries, including an impressive VIP customer base.

* Launched in 2002, 888poker was a relatively niche player until 2010 (two-three per cent of the market and ranked 17th in terms of size) but this changed dramatically in the past few years and currently firmly holds second place.

* The American market shut down in October, 2006. and reopened eight years later. 888poker kicked off operations straight away in New Jersey and the US is now opening state by state. 888poker is one of the few licensed operators in the market.

* 888poker is a multi-award winner with EGR Poker Operator of the Year three years in a row and recently victorious as the Best Digital Operator from the Global Gaming Awards.

* The name 888 is based on it being the luckiest number in Asian culture.

* Taking back the Game is about acknowledging the the way Poker has evolved has disappointed lots of players and that as a main leader in the industry, it is responsible for the game and can't let that happen.

*This is the third consecutive year that 888poker is currently partnering with the biggest offline poker event in the world - the World Series of Poker - as the sole and exclusive online platform that can send players to the event in Vegas.